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About Our Church

River Of Living Water History

River of Living Water a Christian ministry was established in 2017 in the home of Gilbert Pitts and Reverend Cynthia Pitts.


Reverend Pitts received her training through the African Methodist Episcopal Church and worked tirelessly in the AME ministry for 30-plus years. 

Our Mission

River of Living Water’s mission is not only to spread the word of God; which is primary but to uplift the minds and spirits of those in need.


The church currently sponsors two children through the Compassion organization that clothes, educates, feeds, and provides religious training to underprivileged children and families in many third-world countries.


As we grow in our ministry it is our prayer that God will continue to use each of us to brighten someone’s day, lift the down hearted, bring souls to God and be a beacon of light in our community. 

Our Core Values

  • The power of prayer and our commitment to prayer is crucial in our spiritual warfare.

  • We focus on Jesus and the mission that He set forth before us in Matthew 28:19-20. We accept the challenge of spreading the love of Jesus to our community and the world. 

  • The Holy Spirit resides in every believer, and we believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit transform lives and build the body of Christ. 

  • We believe in equality for all people in the areas of economics, housing, education and religion.  We desire to have a positive impact globally.

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